BE Where You Are

BE Where you are! 

How much time do you spend in any given moment wishing you were somewhere else?

Or thinking about what’s next in your schedule?

The washing/shopping/cooking you need to do.

How often do you only half listen to a conversation because your mind is elsewhere?

How often do you drive somewhere and wonder how you got there because you can’t remember the trip itself?

If you nodded in agreement to one or more of these, you are not alone.

This is why learning to BE where you are is so important!

So often we are mentally or emotionally exhausted because we are always somewhere else.

What if we learnt how to stop?

How would it feel to mentally and emotionally BE in one place at any one time?

What would this mean to our relationships?

What would this mean to our wellbeing?

How much more of life would we experience and more importantly how do you think others would feel knowing we are 100% “with them” in any moment?

In a world that craves connection we are so mentally focused on the next thing that we miss the opportunity for the connection we crave that’s right in front of us.

Today, take the time to really listen in conversations. When sharing a coffee with a friend, leave your phone in your bag or in your pocket and give them 100% of your time.

Meal times with family, remove the distractions and use the time to connect with one another, check-in with how things are at school or work.

At the park or at the gym, take in your surroundings and take on the whole experience, don’t just tick it off your to-do list.

Feel what you feel while you do what you do!

We spend so much time in our days focused on the “doing” that we forget the importance of “being”. It is in being that we are truly alive.

It has been said that the quality of your life is based on where you live emotionally.

If we always live in the next moment where does that leave us feeling emotionally, and is that really somewhere you would want to live?

By living with more intention, more presence of heart and mind, surely that will create a firmer foundation emotionally to tackle the situations life throws us!

I encourage you to BE where you are, slow down and be fully present in body, mind, and spirit, in all that you do and especially with the people that mean the most to you.

Starting today, choose one activity in your day where you will commit to being more present – hey, it can even be as simple as brushing your teeth 😊