Recovery Is A Journey!

  Recovery is not, or should I say rarely, a done and dusted, struggle over, never to return event. Recovery instead is a journey, a path of ups and downs, sometimes U-Turns and sometimes express lane progress. The key is to embrace where you are but not to set up camp there. If you hit […]

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Mother’s Day Ponderings!

  What does Mother’s Day mean to you, either as a Mum or as a Child? As I ponder on the thoughts shared towards others and the comings and goings of my own Mother’s Day celebrations it occurred to me how vast our individual experiences can be and how our expectations around one day can […]

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Navigating Relationships as a Parent!

Love is hard… Relationships are hard… And, being a parent is hard! How do you guide your children through relationships with the right mix of caution and excitement? How do you teach them to “guard their hearts” yet not live expecting it to fail? How do you calm the flames of young love rather than […]

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When We Ignore Intuition over Google!

I heard a story the other day of how people drove their cars into rivers or even oceans because they were following the instructions of their Navman or Google Maps! Seriously, check out the story here… You scratch your head and wonder what they were thinking or were they really paying attention! But, yesterday, I […]

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When Comparison Renders You a Failure!

“Comparison is the death of joy.” ― Mark Twain You know the feeling…Others are celebrating success and you feel depressed, uneasy, full of self-doubt and question everything…Your dream, your goals, your worth and yourself! “Comparison is an act of violence against the self.” – Iyanla Vanzant A classmate achieves a distinction on their latest exam; your friend […]

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When FEAR Wins!

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real! Fear has the potential to parallelize our mind, emotions and body. It can hold us captive and the lies it whispers has the potential to remove all normal rational thinking and even poison our moral code! This is a heavy article for today and for that I apologise, however, […]

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