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Coming Home to YOU

Time to Breathe!

Are you so fixed on your goals that you feel you need to be constantly on the go?

Your vision is so strong you need to always be doing something to move towards it?


Do you feel 100% productive?

Do your energy levels keep up with your momentum and does your creativity and inspiration always flow the way you would like?

What would happen if you took a morning off, an evening off, or an ENTIRE DAY OFF?

If you are like me, the thought of losing an entire day working on my vision sends my heart racing and my mind spinning!

If I am not pushing and striving, inching my way closer to my vision, I feel deflated and… GUILTY!!

The vision takes work, commitment, persistence, consistency (that’s a biggy!). If I want it to BE then I have to put in the effort… All the time!

This is a LIE!

I know… crazy right!

I’ve believed it and to some degree, I am still fighting with it.


Did you know that if you actually take time out of your busy, go, go, go, strategy to rest, recover, and rejuvenate you will actually have MORE creativity, inspiration, and energy? And, you will be 100X more productive than you currently are.

When was the last time you listened to your body?

What would it tell you?

Scary thought I know!

Would it say, “thank you” or would it say, “STOP – I need a break!”


My internal battle of rest vs activity also contains an element of fear. When I am completely honest with myself I know when I am tired and I am not functioning at my peak. Yet, most of the time, I push on and refuse to stop because in all honesty I am scared sometimes that if I stop for a few hours and give myself the afternoon off, I might need more than that. My body, mind, and emotions might need a day or two to really recover due to the prolonged neglect.

The truth is, we only have one body, we need to look after it otherwise we may not physically make it to our dreams in one piece.

The reality is, if we incorporate a weekly period of rest and renewal, maybe an afternoon/evening or ideally a whole day once a week then we don’t need to fear our bodies needing more.

It is much easier to nurture ourselves consistently and live more balanced lives than to pick up the pieces of illness, or exhaustion, if we push too hard for too long.

How about YOU?

What does your body need?

Try incorporating a period of rest and renewal into your weekly routine and see the difference it makes in your creativity, productivity and overall enjoyment of working towards your dreams.

Let me know how it goes, or, if you would like some support in making room for rest in your weekly schedule comment below and I’ll be in touch.

Love and blessings

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