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A Burning Light

candleA flicker of light comes to life deep within my heart, and a warmth has taken root. It is strong and bright and fanned with the gentle whisper of hope. A light that is golden and solid at its core, vibrant and penetrating. Like a small open fire that warms a cold winter’s night this light is nurturing and inviting, inviting me to come and sit in its presence and allow its depth to pierce my being.

The scene is reminiscent of a country cottage, warm and cozy, surrounded by fresh fallen snow. The furniture is old and comfortable. Family pictures adorn the walls, memories of a life of love, relationship and challenges shared.

As the flame grows it reveals more of the treasures around the room and its warmth becomes stronger, soaking deep into every part of me. The light cast stretches out and engulfs the darkness, pushing back the unknown and bringing clarity and definition where there once were only shadows or worse, nothingness.

Light and warmth defeat the chill of darkness and breaths life at every turn. As the flame burns so the hope grows and the joy of yesterday is remembered once more and better yet, the joy and hope of tomorrow burns even brighter.

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