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Coming Home to YOU

A New Vision

What does it take, in our life of plenty, to pull us up to a stop and really view our world?

For some it’s the loss of a job, the loss of a child, the end of a marriage. Or maybe it’s the loss of health, it is usually a loss of something or someone that brings our world to a standstill and we are left asking questions of ourselves, of the situation and ultimately of God.

Building our lives out of a pack of cards; job, home, possessions, experiences, holidays, appearance, relationships, anything we think we are in control of, is fraught with danger. When one falls, the quality of our character, our foundation is exposed.

What if, with a slight change of focus, we could guarantee that no matter which “card” in our life should fall our foundation would remain unshaken?

What if the pressure to build, to do, to be, were gone from our day, our year, our life?

Our life is but a season, a moment in time, a blink of an eye yet how much time do we take to ensure we are travelling this journey well and that we are actually on the right road. Usually it is only when we are forced by circumstances do we ever take the time to ask the really important questions of life.

The good news is we don’t have to wait for a “card to fall” to refocus our vision. It can be as easy as adjusting the lens on a camera to bring the picture into focus. However the picture is our heart and the lens is our relationship with our God.

When God transforms your heart he adjusts the lens on your life and the scales from your eyes shall be removed. All things will be viewed as new and in all situations, even the falling of a card, you will be able to stand strong.

(24 August 2010)

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