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Coming Home to YOU

A Philosophical Pause


It is possible to go through life waiting for that lightning bolt moment of realisation, enlightenment or heart transformation, yet I think only a few of us ever experience such a momentous epiphany. For the majority of us I think it is more a step by step journey, not a major thought transformation, but a moment by moment consciousness of the power and ability, the potential and blessing, that is held now in this very moment, which leads to the next moment and the next.

Before we know it we can look back and realise transformation has occurred, we are no longer struggling with our thoughts or our intentions, we are no longer searching for something outside of us. We have realised the very thing we were searching for, we have crafted the ability to  “be still” to accept the present as the gift it truly is.

The caterpillar we were has indeed become a butterfly in full flight, beautiful and free!


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