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Coming Home to YOU

Angels among us!

This morning I was reminded how our days are blessed, in little ways, by a loving God.

We pulled up to a busy intersection, on our way to school and work, to find a bus and several trucks having right of way before us. “OK Lord, this could take a while and I get the point, we will just wait and pause from the rush to get out the door!”

The bus turns the corner making way for the next vehicle in line, with another truck joining the end of their queue we are going to be stuck here for quite some time. Then the driver of the next vehicle waves me on, in front of him and the waiting traffic, so we can continue our journey without the huge delay. I have never had this happen before.

Whether it’s someone letting you into traffic, an encouraging word from a colleague or a friendly smile from someone at the supermarket, God uses people to be His angels each and every day.

Whether you see them as “Angels” or just “good fortune”, there are many blessings around us, often small but blessings none the less if we choose to open our eyes and see them.

I wonder how many I have missed the last few days as I have been distracted with deadlines, challenges and frustrations. I am certainly grateful for this morning and the opportunity to refocus on more positive things and to carry them with me throughout the day.

May you see the blessings that abound for you today.

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