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Deep inside, where no-one sees, there is a small black box. It’s black so it can hide in the shadows and mostly go un-noticed. Tucked away in a corner where my conscious thoughts rarely go, an ever present obstruction, but stored away in a secret place where even I haven’t seen it before.

It is simple, so as not to gain attention, and large enough to store what’s stuffed inside without being too obvious. Its purpose is supposedly protection, a safe place to hide away the things that are confronting, uncomfortable, fearful or sad. Yet in reality it is an obstruction, an uninvited acquisition which has taken up residence deep within the heart. A space created for freedom, joy and contentment, a place where more of God’s peace and grace can reign. Its presence instills a fear or insecurity which is unknown until it is revealed. It poses as a dull barrier or wall which we erect to guard our hearts yet in reality isolates us from one another.

This box is stuffed full, maybe even bulging at the hinges, I’m not sure because I don’t want to get too close. Knowing it’s there has been daunting enough let alone venturing to look inside. There would be this huge mess I will need to deal with because once let go things are never the same.

How did it get there?

What’s inside?

If I let it go, where does it go?

What will it look like to remove it completely?

How do I stop it from coming back?

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