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Burnout – When our engine breaks down!

An engine can only run without oil for so long before it cracks, burns out and needs major repair. The little red light that appears on our dashboard, warning us that our engine needs attention, can only be ignored for so long. Eventually the damage becomes too severe and a breakdown results.

It needs an oil change and a regular service to ensure it is working properly and that all the moving parts are in good condition. We are far more intricately made than any machine and f we ignore our mind,, body and spirit for too long we will run into problems, whether emotionally or physically or both. We will burnout, breakdown or suffer a heart attack or develop a chronic illness.

We are the same, we can ignore the warning signs that stress and overload brings to our mind and bodies but at some point our whole being will scream, “enough” and shutdown.

Just like the little red light was a prompt that something needed attention, we have warning signs in our lives to say we are out of balance and we need to pay them some attention.

I thought I could just ignore them. If I just held on, kept myself together by sheer determination, worked harder, it would get easier. At some point the exhaustion would ease and the sense of overwhelm would balance back out. Help would come somehow, I just had to hold on.

As much as I knew I needed to stop the rollercoaster I was on it was running at full steam and there was no way of pulling it to a stop, it had gathered its own momentum and was running away.

Until one day when it ran off the rails and left me broken in its wake.

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