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Caught On A Detour (part two)!!

As mothers, wives, employees and all the other roles we play each day we can get so focused on meeting everyone else’s needs that we forget, or set aside our most basic need – time to be still, time for silence, time to nurture our souls.

My rapid learning curve as I hovered on the edge of exhaustion and burn-out was to be still and rest in that silence once again.

I’ve known the “what” I needed, but I’ve struggled for ages with the “how”, that is until God finally got my attention, I reached the limit of “myself” and thank God I paused long enough to finally see what everyone else was seeing. How quickly we can stray from what we know gives us peace without even being aware that we are leaving it behind.

It is only in being still and in quieting all the busyness which so easily consumes us that our spirits are lifted and the way forward becomes clearer. For me it was a very long walk by the beach, one of the many places where I know God can grab my attention and reveal His truth to my heart, time to walk with Him and really listen.

For many of us it is so easy to put everyone else’s needs ahead of our own, the problem is our strength and joy in fulfilling their needs is taken from us when we forget to balance our own need for nurture.

It is only when we have time to be still that our souls can receive the nurture and strength that then empowers us to reach others. It is like coming to the well for life-giving water, unless we come to the “well” ourselves first we will “run dry” when pouring ourselves out to others.

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