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Earlier this month I had been disconnected as Facebook and Messenger decided to stop working.


After several attempts of uninstalling and rebooting my phone I was left  with the only option of using my web browser however this was not without major frustration as Facebook would also divert me to Messenger to read my messages and Messenger wasn’t working.

Social Media can have a bad rap as people, sit on their phones in preference to real time communication with those around them, or spend endless hours absorbed in the latest post updates and news feeds. However having been disconnected has reminded me of the convenience Facebook and Social Media create to stay connected with one another.

The ability to quickly send a message to say, “hi how are you doing?” or whatever  has been such a process for the past 2 weeks that it has helped me realise we are actually blessed to have that convenience. We have so many different avenues to encourage one another and support one another but it’s important to actually make use of them.

Let’s not totally disregard or bag social media as it can be an amazing tool to keep us connected with those who are important to us but also people in general. The important thing is to value the convenience of connection with others but not so much that we neglect those who are actually around us at the time.

People crave connection and the sense of belonging, they need to know that people care and if the convenience of Social Media creates that connection then it can’t be all bad.

Hopefully I will be back online soon and in the meantime I will just persevere however I will appreciate the ease of connection that much more when it is restored.

PS. I am finally back online and I most definitely appreciate the ability to connect once again, especially since we have been away from home for a week or two.

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