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Delicate Rose

A tight knit rose was held in bloom
With the promise of sweet intoxicating perfume
Colour so deep and rich and bright
Joy and blessing were to be a delight

 Sunshine and rain both nourished the ground
Life and vibrancy all around
Strong and healthy this blossom grew
Made even more beautiful by mornings dew
The master tended this garden with care
Day and night he stood guard over his fare
Shelter and food he did both provide
Trimming where needed to lovingly guide
As sunshine shone on this bud one day
With carefree ease the petals give way
Loving nurture brought blossom with ease
Colour and perfume to fill the breeze
Yet shadows cast across the rose
And the garden ceased its natural flows
A visitor to the garden had changed the tide
The blossom ceased to freely reside
Beauty and life began to fade away
Sweet perfume held within, no longer to stray
On guard the rose began to cling
When all inside it had wanted to sing
As bold colour turned to grey
And petals once lush began to decay
Life was passing from its sight
And sadness filled what once was delight
The master saw the bloom one night
Ventured near to see its plight
With tender care he saw the need
To lovingly tend this one with feed
Gentle hands he tended the soil
Sweet words of praise accompanied his toil
Food and water he did lavishly supply
Beckoning the bloom not yet to die
Independent of care the rose could not live
Beauty and fragrance it could not give
Blessings to others its purpose now hid
Deep within as the shadow forbid
With foresight and wisdom the master could see
The pathway ahead for his blossom to be
To wait and watch he could not stand
This precious bloom torn from his calloused hand
With love he took up the fight
In hope his bloom having seen just might
Hold on through one more trying storm
For glory and promise it would adorn
And so with strength not her own
Nourished and nurtured from what he’d sown
The bloom remembered his songs of praise
Her petals once more she did cautiously raise
As the sun warmed the ground, the rain filled a need
The masters’ tender care the bloom did heed
Colour and life the bloom did unfurl
Perfume now much sweeter, a hidden pearl

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