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Facing our giants!

We all have giants in our lives. For some it is fear, some loneliness, some intimacy, some anger, no matter what your giant is he is huge in our sight.

Our giant seems to loom over us and he laughs at every attempt we make to “take him down”. Sometimes we just resign ourselves to living in his shadow, “it’s too hard” or “it’s just how I am”.

But we are made for greater things than living in the shadow of some oversized hairy barbarian who is way too big for his boots.

As David faced his Goliath as a young boy, what he lacked in size and strength he was abundant in faith. For he knew he did not face Goliath on his own, he knew his God would be there for him and the victory would be his.

David’s courage came from seeing through the eyes of faith, not human reasoning. David knew His God was bigger and was able to bring down the giant. God just needed someone to stand with him and take the victory. David was but a boy, yet he was not deterred by human understanding, he had faith and the power of God within.

We too can have the courage of David to face our giant, we don’t have to stand firm in our own ability, for in fact it is when we are willing to lay aside all of “us”, when we have nothing left within us to draw on, that finally God can move in, take control and conquer our goliath.

He has done it for me and he will do it for you, all you have to do is ask!

(24 August 2010)

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