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If I could have one prayer for you for 2017 it is that you would “Find Your Wings”, that you would dare to dream, and that you would move forward in your life’s journey with an expectant heart.

“I pray that God would fill your heart with dreams
And that faith gives you the courage
To dare to do great things
I’m here for you whatever this life brings
So let my love give you roots
And help you find your wings”

As I listened to this song today my heart immediately thought of my children. This would be my hearts prayer for each of them, that they would have the courage to pursue their dreams and that a life of love would be the roots for them to take “Find their Wings”.

Beyond motherhood, this is also my prayer for all who have connected with Abundant Wholeness that you would find support and encouragement to dream great dreams, to reach for that which stirs your heart and move towards the things which bring you peace of heart and mind, things that strengthen and support your body in health and vitality.

As the New Year starts may you know that I am here for you, that I will be your strength and support, your encouragement and your guide when you lose your way.

Life can be a lonely journey at times, however, it is always easier when we walk beside someone or link arms and journey it together.

Love and Blessings


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