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Fly with Me!

As I watch the morning light rise over the horizon and the sky brighten in colour, the birds join in the chorus of a new day dawning.

Free and with seeming joyful abandon the birds flutter through the air, playfully filling the sky with their cheerful song. Such a sweet and beautiful sound that touches my heart with hope and promise.

“The birds of the air rejoice…”

“If I give the birds food… how much more will I give thee….”

Despite heartbreak and lost dreams, challenges and frustrations I am thankful. I thank God for the beauty around me here, the mighty ocean and the now gentle breeze and birds singing in the clean fresh air.

I praise God for my children and the blessing of knowing that He is watching over them. I worship His faithfulness, that His mercy and grace is new every morning, that He alone is my hope and strength.

I am in awe of His majesty and humbled by His intimacy.

I am grateful that when I take the time to open my eyes with an expectant heart that He sends the birds to fill the morning sky with songs of joy and remind me He is here.

8 January 2013

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