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Fortresses of the heart

A fortress is built to keep the enemy away and to protect those within its  confines. It is a strong barrier to provide distance and obstruction or interference with those within.

The barriers we build around ourselves might have the purpose of protection, but whilst we hide behind them those we love can be desperately in need of our support. There is no love in seeking refuge in the storms of life, the greatest power is in the wind and the rain, they bring growth and strength and a determination to keep moving forward.

Barriers built to protect our hearts only smother them in the end, we suffocate in our own reality instead of being open to the blessing others can bring in their own uniqueness. Our need for protection is tempered by the barrier to new opportunities and experiences, each a potential blessing if we are strong enough to embrace it.

Our belief in love is an acceptance of who we are and the needs of others to be loved, despite what we see and what we hear, we all long to be loved. The purity of love is the only penetrating force that has the power to reach through the barriers of the heart, not as a means of ‘conquering’ another, but as a means of freeing another. Giving them the wings to fly and explore new horizons with joy and confidence, in fellowship and peace, through unconditional acceptance, encouragement and all that genuine ‘love’ entails.

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