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I’m finding myself so easily caught up in my to-do list, all the things I haven’t done, and forgetting all that I have accomplished.

When we are striving towards a goal it can seem daunting, even overwhelming, to accomplish all the things we want or need to do to get there. Yet we so desperately need to keep things in perspective.

Starting a new business, learning new skills, mastering new technology, even facing our personal fears, can all seem daunting if we put them all into the one to-do list. I know I constantly have to remind myself of how far I have come, despite how far I still want to go.

This can apply to anything in life. We can only progress one step at a time and as long as we are still moving forward towards our goal it doesn’t really matter if we get there next week, next month or even next year.

In fact I think if we rush the process too quickly we may miss a lot of important lessons along the way and bypass the deeper learning which can impact our hearts and minds more fully.

This is much easier to ponder than it is to embrace when I see all I still “need” to do. But, in saying that, I also realise that the more we learn and move closer to our goal the more we will want to do. New skills will mean new ways of doing things, better promotions to create, clearer graphics to design, new articles to write from a deeper perspective and on it will go. Although I strive to get through my current “to-do list” in reality it will always be there, each step in the journey will add more items to the list.

I need to find peace with my list and in so doing give myself a break. I need to accept that as long as I am moving forward I will achieve my goal and it will be in its perfect time. I need to stop striving and start embracing each task, each step, and rejoice in each achievement or completed task along the way. I need to allow myself to experience each step fully, without rushing or force, and ensure I gain everything I am meant to at that time or with that task.

The journey, whether it is a business venture, a study goal, a relationship or simply life, is to be enjoyed and savoured each moment along the way. Don’t let it pass you by so quickly that you miss the joy and fullness of the process.

Have an overall plan and don’t let the smaller details of the daily to-do’s overwhelm you. Rome wasn’t built in a day and you won’t reach your true potential or the best version of yourself overnight. Remember, don’t stop,” Forward is Forward” and that is all that ultimately matters.

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