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Gaps In The Bridge

I used to think that having a relational heart was a burden. That was until I came to understand that I was actually created that way; in fact God designed all women with a relational heart.wooden-bridge-111058_1920

It is not something to be feared or something to run away from, it is something we need to embrace and allow it to have a voice. It is our internal relational gauge and it is designed to build and nurture strong relationships, whether they are with our partner, our children, our family or our friends.

Today I had the vision of an old wooden bridge, the bridge of relationship. Gaps in the bridge are unresolved hurts or misunderstandings that have been allowed to remain unrepaired.

Gaps weaken the bridge and the more gaps we allow to remain in our relationships the weaker they become. We need solid connections (bridges) in our relationships, strong cords that can keep us connected even when the winds of misunderstanding or hurt come storming into our lives.

Guys, I know that you may want to leave “the past in the past” as it were, and move on, as I was encouraged to do today. But we women need understanding, we need the opportunity at least to try and understand what has caused the gap. We need to talk things through so that we can move on and learn to handle things better next time. Then we too can “leave things in the past”.

Without communication and the opportunity for understanding gaps create hurt and unforgiveness which when left unattended weaken our relationships.

Let’s build strong connections with one another, let’s work to fix the gaps and build stronger bridges towards one another. Remember to talk to one another and resolve misunderstandings or frustrations, work together to strengthen your bridge.


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  1. victor ursan says

    Sounds good to talk to each other, work together, make connections and strengthen the bridge. Easy to say and difficult to achieve. Once a gap is created, most of the times, it takes a lot of work and resources to build one step forward. The cost could be challenging since always one of the two will have to compromise, to give up something but in my experience, the winner will always be the one who sacrifice.
    To summarize, building a relationship is costly but benefits will make it worthwhile and I would always choose to build. Thank you for your thoughts.

    • Elke says

      Thank you Victor, building relationships can seem hard and most definitely challenging but they can also be hugely rewarding. When we choose to put our need to be “right” aside and can truly respect and love the other person in a way that really values them as a person we will build a stronger connection. I appreciate your input, Blessings.

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