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God is our Shelter

Camping with my two youngest sons has brought a much needed break in perfect timing. As personal storms raged the opportunity to spend time at the beach, in the wonder of God’s creation, and share some quality time with my boys was a priceless blessing.

However this wouldn’t be a camping story without some story of calamity and trial. ..

Having enjoyed a glorious sunset of golden rays and orange hues we settled down for a night of rest. As physical storms raged within me, thunder grew louder and lightening flashed lighting up the evening sky in a marvelous display of wonder and might.

Thankfully the boys slept soundly as I rose several times to rescue clothes left out to dry and check the tent which was on a very sharp lean from the force of the wind.

As storms swirled around us the wind tore through our camp like a mini tornado, our tent seemed ready to take flight at any moment and our new shade shelter crumbled like a pack of cards.

Once again I arose to check the tent and survey the wreckage of our new gazebo to see what I could salvage. As I climbed through the twisted wreck in the rain and moonlight I was able to salvage my bible and books as well as the boys board games however my spirit felt crushed.

Stumbling to my knees in the sand and rain as I tripped over the metal and canvas that was once our shelter, I felt beaten. Trying to rise but instead falling face down in the sand, my strength was gone.

It is in coming to the end of ourselves that God can pick us up and set us firmly on our feet.

Returning to the tent to be with my boys, to comfort one another we called out to God, He was our shelter and our refuge. He gave me the strength to smile as we rose with the sun to see the aftermath. He gave us the ability to laugh as we gathered the twisted wreckage and be thankful that we were safe.

Although ‘things’ were damaged, we had each other and we had our faith to see us through another day, not to mention another ‘misadventure’ story to add to the collection.

7 January 2013

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