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I have an irrational fear of power tools. I can remember in High School sweet talking my D & T teacher so I wouldn’t have to use the lathe on my wood working project or an angle grinder on my metal work. It’s not that they have ever fought back; it’s just the whole “power” thing. Give me a screw driver and a pair of pliers and I’ll be happy, well – happier.

But one of the things I am faced with being on my own is all those odd “fix-it” type jobs. How do people learn this stuff anyway? Why do we assume a guy will know how, surely he has to learn sometime too? I guess some are gifted with the know-how to sort this stuff out and others just don’t have a clue.

My biggest frustration with odd jobs is strength; the screw that is so tight only superman could shift it, how many jobs get postponed because I can’t even undo the screw to get started?

The other day I had to change the timer on my pool chlorinator. It nearly failed before I even got started all because of a stubborn small screw (it hadn’t moved in 12 years and it wasn’t going to now without a fight).

Well today I have relayed paving, fixed new hinges to a cupboard door, repaired door knobs and sanded windowsills, even used power tools!

As much as I would prefer to be the trades assistant on these jobs and hand someone else the drill, screwdriver etc I have often surprised myself with what I can do with focus and determination.

It is a bit like anything in life, if we stay focused on the job at hand, and persevere, the strength and wisdom comes and like today we can even do what we thought was impossible.

(written 16/01/2011)

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