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Today, as I was blessed to watch and listen to an exceptionally talented young orchestra, an awareness of how the instruments individual strengths brought together in perfect harmony should be paralelled in our relationships with one another.

Within an orchestra each instrument has its own unique sound, a strength all of its own which when played sets its own tone. Yet when each instrument is brought together under a purposeful conductor, they work together to produce a symphony to delight the soul of those who listen.

From a strong trombone to a delicate violin, each one is unique, each one gifted in their own right with strengths and qualities unknown by the other. Yet when each instrument is appreciated by the conducter and joined together with others, its uniqueness is highlighted in the harmony with those around them.

Each instrument plays alongside the other, not overpowering the others but working together to bring out each others beauty and highlight their individuality. Together making a wonderful harmony that none could make on their own.

Our relationships, whether that be with our partner, our families, our collegues or our community, are all made up of wonderfully unique individuals, just like the instruments in an orchestra. We all have individual strengths and are blessed with unique qualities which in the hands of the right conductor can produce a melody like no other, one which can touch the hearts of many and bring blessings to a hurting world.

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