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Coming Home to YOU

Heart of my heart

I feel your heartache
I see your pain
I want to help you
Feel whole again
My heart is torn
To see your grief
The shadows that linger
With no relief
You are my chid
My precious gift
Upon His shoulders
I want you to lift
A journey just begun
Future yet to unfold
Though lessons to be learned
Blessing it will behold
The clouds that threaten
The pain that tears
Your tender heart
Of few short years
It is not all there is for you
Purpose is written upon the dew
Although it seems beyond all reason
Hope eternal will be your season
Consumed by darkness
Dreams torn apart
Laughter and sunlight
Seem things of the past
A lifeline you crave
If only the strength
A rope… A hand …….
Beyond arms length
Through eyes my own
He’s helped me see
Your pain and struggle
To be free
A tunnel that seems
So long and dark
A glimmer of light
Your hearts hope spark
We’ve nothing left
Reserves long spent
Giving up the fight
Our lives for rent
He’s paid the price
Your life is His
Safe in His care
No heartbeat he’ll miss
His tender mercy
Can be found
To place your feet
On solid ground
Give Him the pieces
All broken and bruised
Your heart, your soul
Your dreams confused
He’ll walk with you
Each single step
Wipe your tears
And lift your head
Beauty from ashes
He will restore
Comfort and healing
An open door
Close your eyes
And you will see
A beautiful garden
Where you’ll roam free
Rascall Flatts – I Won’t Let Go

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