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Holiday reflections

With the Christmas and New Year rush over it is finally time to sit back and reflect on the year that has been and the promise and possibilities that a new year holds.

In many ways it is hard to believe that two years has passed since I last sat down, with pen in hand, to reflect on the challenges and achievements of my family. The pace of our modern world makes these moments of reflection all the more important. Time to acknowledge the faithfulness of our God who loves, guides, provides and protects. Times to be thankful, for His many blessings and for the blessing of dear friends who laugh with us, cry with us and hold our hands through the darkest hours.

2014 was a year of renewal; it was like finally emerging from a heavy fog and seeing the wonder of our world once again. It is easy to be swept along in life, to be so focused on what needs to be done, that we lose sight of who we are. Our obligations and commitments put us on autopilot and rob us of the joy of life’s experiences. The routine overwhelms the extra-ordinary joys of the simple things that can take our breath away and should matter most.

I read in an email just the other day that sometimes God sends or at least allows and uses setbacks or problems that come into our life to awaken us out of our sleep to the reality of the situation we are in. This echoes my feelings exactly, although I knew where I was I did not know how to move beyond it and I truly believe that only God could have brought the changes He did.

Although I wish the experiences of 2013 weren’t necessary and that I could have saved my children from what they witnessed as a result, I am still thankful for the breaking apart of all that I had held onto. It allowed the wholeness of God’s grace and love to restore and heal what had been lost and created the strength for a new hope  and vision. I am humbled that He brought me back to His design and reminded me of who I am and I am eternally thankful for you, my dear friends and family, who walked the darkness with me and constantly reminded me of your love.

From this new place I have been able to experience the richness of life, in both small and large blessings, this past year. My children have celebrated new life and personal achievements, weddings and travel. Completing my first year of university has been a dream I never thought I would realise but one that is a part of a long term goal to reach out to help others.

As with most years there are times of challenge and times of joy but with renewed strength and faith the challenges are opportunities for growth and new lessons to be learnt for all of us.

From my family to yours we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and pray that 2015 will be filled with peace, love and joy. May you always remember the comfort and support of friends as we journey through life together, whether we see each other often or through distance are in each other’s thoughts and prayers.

Our Wishes For You for New Year 2015
When you are Lonely, We wish you LOVE
When you are Down, We wish you JOY.
When you are Troubled, We wish you PEACE.
When things look Empty, We wish you HOPE.
May You be surrounded by HAPPINESS, PEACE & JOY ALWAYS


May You be surrounded by HAPPINESS, PEACE & JOY ALWAYS

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