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I Close My Eyes And Now I See!

Samsung June 070

I close my eyes and now I see the beauty that surrounds me. That might seem odd but if you think about it, how much do we really see in any given moment?
Standing here on top of a hill, wide open land stretches out before me; I see the lush green meadow and the stately trees which have endured the passage of time. I’ve seen kookaburras and kangaroos free to roam. But how much would I miss if I was content with what I’d seen?
If I close my eyes and listen. If I close my eyes and allow my senses to really engage with this moment, how much more would I come to love and appreciate this moment and this view?
If I look with the eyes of my soul I see endless beauty.  The lush green meadow glistens with the recent rain, the trees stand strong, refreshed and renewed. The leaves delicately dance in the tree-tops with the gentle breeze. The sun casts mesmerizing shadows upon the lush carpet of green. There are stories amongst the trees, new and old. Young saplings grow beside old and remnants of those now passed still adding content to the land.
When I close my eyes there is the gentle cool breeze which caresses my skin. The warm sun which sinks deep into my soul, drawing me into a oneness with the land and this moment. The birds are joyously singing and sharing with one another, one, two, three or more varieties all at home here.
The smell is clean and clear, untouched by man’s quest for industry or aroma; natural, pleasant, just as nature intended it to be. The air is refreshing and cool as I breathe in it fills my lungs and transpires throughout my body.
I am blessed to have seen kangaroos grazing, though they quickly bound away preferring their own space rather than the watchful eye of a stranger; graceful, comfortable, at home.
Is it possible to capture this moment, these sights and sounds but more importantly the grounding they invoke and carry them into our every waking moment?  To know the beauty that is forever at our door and the deep peace and the sense of oneness with the world which it can bring?
I believe it is, not because I’ve mastered it, because I’ve had tastes.

Love and Blessings

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