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Information Overload – Part 2

Just when I thought I had conquered my inbox and made it more manageable I decide to pursue my passion and embark on a new adventure. Before I know it my inbox is once again overflowing. Not just my inbox , but my YouTube subscription, online courses and online training webinars are all vying for my attention.books-1015594_1280

Pursuing a new passion comes with a season of intense learning but most of us can’t shut ourselves away for 3 months for this to happen. Life goes on and we still need to manage our families, relationships, work and get enough sleep. This creates an internal battle as our passion is driving us to learn new things and immerse ourselves in new skills yet, even with the best of intentions, this too can create information overload.

Where do we start? How many webinars do I watch? How many ‘experts’ do I follow? How much time and how much mental energy? These are all very worthy questions that I’m still trying to work my way through.

Once again we need wisdom to put the important things in life first and to trust that the rest will come in time when we are diligent and committed.

It is good to have passion and purpose, a goal to pursue, but we do not live in isolation and so we must be mindful of the key relationships around us and our other responsibilities.

At this stage, I don’t have the answers; I’m still fumbling my way through manuals, emails and webinars. But I am confident that having the revelation of needing balance is a first step to bringing some order into the journey.

I’ll keep you posted on how it turns out.

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