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Information Overload

Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, emails and more…

We are bombarded with information and, putting the mindless scrolling through Facebook or Instagram aside, there are 100’s and 1000’s of articles and videos all worthy of mindful attention.ipad-820272_1280

I have an inbox full of reputable email subscriptions to keep me informed about health, good nutrition, how to declutter my home, the latest wholefood recipes, eco-friendly alternatives and mindful living. Yet I have found myself buried under information overload.

There are only so many hours in a day and even with the greatest of intentions it is not possible, nor necessary, to keep up with them all.

So, battling an overflowing inbox, I had to make the conscious decision to cull my subscriptions and settle for a few that I know are worthy of my time without being a burden. This was not easy, each one I had willingly pursued because they were informative, relevant and appealing. How do I limit these to only a few?

The desire to be informed is a great one, and it is one we need to encourage our children to pursue, yet the overabundance of information at our finger tips means we need wisdom to choose where we seek our information from. And how much time we give to things other than personal interaction with our families.

In filtering out my inbox I needed to come back to my foundation. What feeds and nurtures my soul and my passion? What produces a benefit rather than passes time and is mere information? And most importantly, “Lord, where do you want me to give my attention to?”

Without Godly wisdom to guide us daily we are left to sift through an abundance of distractions which the world says all deserve our time. It is better to choose a few good sources to follow and grow with the information and knowledge learned rather than skim over many sources and not have the time or attention to really benefit from their content.

What’s the state of your inbox?

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