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Today I had the privilege of seeing the legacy being left behind by a great grandma.

As I helped pack up a person’s life through possessions what became obvious was her faith. Not her religion but her heart for God and her journey through old age with her greatest and most faithful companion.

Verses adorned her home to remind her of God’s faithfulness and Bibles, and prayer journals, were in every room. Her handwritten notes will be a legacy to her grandchildren long after she has left this world. Her prayers for her family and her thankfulness to her God who has walked with her all these years will be reminders of what and who she truly loved.

My heart was overwhelmed to know the graciousness of our God who not only walks with His children, but comforts, carries and provides love even in the hardest of situations. As the sand seems to be running out on this ladies life she is at peace, she knows in the depths of her heart, she is not alone. As her mind wanders, her heart remains at home in her faith.

I pray that when my time on this earth draws to a close that my children and grandchildren will be left with such a legacy of faith. That through my notes and journals they may be encouraged to take the hand of their Heavenly Father and experience a relationship of pure love and acceptance.

Despite all my mistakes and failures as a mum I pray that they would see God and experience His touch upon their hearts.

May I be ever mindful of the legacy I leave behind as they sort through my notes and possessions!

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