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Coming Home to YOU

Leaving the Box Behind!

Walking today by the ocean, reflective of the box and what it holds, longing for it to be gone.

Walking each step to claim freedom and each breath I take restoring peace, truth and abundant grace.

Rejecting the old habits of avoidance that were meant for protection, but are no longer needed and now cause more harm than good. Allowing God to heal the hurt, protection, anger and loneliness that is hidden inside the box and casting them into the abyss. Replacing them with freedom, grace and truth, that they may flood my heart with His Spirit and bring a new confidence and hope.

“Life has become so out of balance, your Spirit Lord is asking me to come and although I am hungry for you I am too tired, mentally and emotionally drained. Wake me up Lord and bring me back to life.”

“Father God, I give it to you, the box that hinders my heart, the barrier to claiming more of life and living in your total freedom. Battered and worn, covered in vines so as not to be disturbed; a false tenant residing where its presence is not welcome but until now gone mostly ignored.”

“I give it to you to reveal to me its contents, to cast them out so they never return. That the truth may set me free and the space that is consumed can be flooded with your love, mercy, grace and power to live anew.”

17 August 2012

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