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Letting go extended!

Letting go has extended far beyond what I ever thought possible, stretching its tentacles into my deepest beliefs about myself and my faith. Unnerving is an understatement, but kind of exciting and exhilarating as well.

A chance to take hold of my core beliefs that give me purpose, identity and grounding and challenge those that are weights of religious ideology and doctrine beyond my Lords intent.

I am confident my faith will withstand the test and indeed become deeper, richer and more fulfilling as result.

A chance to declare boldly what I do believe so passionately and to challenge those that are not yet concrete in my sole, in order to come to a place of greater peace, joy and love. Love towards myself, towards my god and ultimately towards others.

I need not be afraid of this journey nor be afraid of exploring fear and anger in themselves. It is indeed a path to greater knowing and greater fulfillment of life which we have been blessed with and the ability to live out of the abundance by which it has been given to us.

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