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Life Lessons From Frozen II

I love how we can receive life messages from all different sources…

Even a simple kids movie…

Maybe it is a product of where I am at right now, or maybe it is the blessing that comes from being present in the moment which is something I’ve been working on lately either way, I receive it openly and allow the depth of it to resonate a while to teach me what it is I am meant to learn.

I don’t want to spoil the story for those who haven’t seen Frozen II yet, aka my daughter, so I will try and be as general as possible.

The Story Line

Elsa has always felt she doesn’t belong, that her gift makes her different and that her gift is not such a good thing. She longs to find a purpose for her unique gift. The story unfolds as she hears a voice calling to her, a voice she believes is meant for her, and she feels holds the answers she is longing for. A voice she does indeed follow.

Life Lesson

Fast forward to the end of the movie and the “life lesson” revealed to Elsa and us all is… The answer is inside of you. All along Elsa felt there was something outside of her that she had to find, someone or something that held the key, when all along it was what she already had inside of herself. The strength and passion that she felt was against her, the unique gift which she often felt was a curse, it was and is her greatest gift, her greatest purpose, and her life destiny.


How often do you feel that the answer you are looking for is outside of you?

The skill or ability, the solution to your challenge, the gift and your purpose, the thing that gives you meaning and where your contribution to the world resides.

How often have you felt that others hold the key, that someone else has the answers for your life?

The Answer You Are Looking For Is YOU!

Say that again and let it resonate in your heart and soul for a little while…

How does that feel?

Does it bring hope, does it bring peace, does it spark a fire no matter how small within you?

Or does it bring fear and doubt?

No… that can’t be… I can’t… I don’t… I’m not enough…

The Answer You Are Looking For Is YOU!

It is indeed YOU!

That goal… that dream that won’t die… that idea that won’t be silenced.

If you can perceive it then it is indeed yours and you already have within you what you need to get started.

I think far too often we wait too long, wanting all the skills we will need along the way when we only need what we already have. Once we start, we create the momentum for learning and growing which brings our dream closer to life.

As we enter a New Year and a New Decade remember The Answer You Are Looking For Is YOU!

Elsa didn’t know where the voice would lead her, she only knew she had to follow it, she knew it was meant for her.

As is your dream…

It is meant for you…

Now, what do you need to do to start, what gift or belief do you need to follow?



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