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Like ripples on the water

Like far reaching ripples upon the water, so is the effect we have on those we meet.

I had a visit from a friend the other day which brought to mind the ripples left upon the water after a pebble is tossed. The ripples spread far beyond the initial point of where the pebble entered. It got me thinking  about the impact we have on others after we meet, both through words and  actions.

Do we leave ripples that echo love, joy and peace or do we  leave hurt, questions and struggles? Are they smooth ripples that leave someone feeling glad they had time with us, or are they rough leaving a shower of hurt or unanswered questions to be dealt with long after the visit has ended?

We often don’t realise the impact we make on others; the way our words have been received, our action or inaction perceived. In my own struggles I wonder if my distraction leaves others feeling rejected or an imposition instead of welcomed and heard.

I pray for strength to shield those around me; that they would still feel welcomed and valued despite my distraction as I deal with challenges of my own. That I would be able to guard my actions so as not to bring others down but to show them respect and honour.

As my daughter works through the loss of a school mate and friends struggle with illness and heartache, I wish we could all take hold of how fragile and precious life is. Maybe then we would ensure the ripples we leave are gentle and empowering, encouraging them onward to greater things.

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