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Morning Mayhem

I love mornings, the sunrise welcoming in a new day and the peace and quiet before everyone stirs. I like to have my breakfast and get everything organised before chaos hits, oops I mean, the family wake up.

This morning was no different, the sunrise was masked in hues of deep pink and gold, there was a cool freshness in the air and there was peace in the house. Time to take a deep breath and embrace grace sufficient for this day.

Then my children woke up – how quickly peace and tranquility can be turned upside down. There was jostling for the shower, queueing for the microwave to reheat last nights dinner, lost shorts, misplaced bus passes and various other distractions.

Then, just as tempers are frayed and limits are reached, my mini man takes a drink from his just filled water bottle not realising he hasn’t put the lid on yet. Water ends up all over him and we all break out in laughter. The tension is immediately broken and peace is restored once more, laughter is indeed the best medicine.

I look back on it now as I write and all I can do is smile. As crazy as it seems, I miss these frustrations when my children are not home. Yes, it is quiet and peaceful but there is a warmth and an energy that comes from a busy family. Whether it be harmony or chaos I am thankful that I am blessed to be their mum and I know that all too soon they will be grown up and have families of their own.

So for now, lets not forget the magic of laughter 🙂

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