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Mother’s Day Ponderings!


What does Mother’s Day mean to you, either as a Mum or as a Child?

As I ponder on the thoughts shared towards others and the comings and goings of my own Mother’s Day celebrations it occurred to me how vast our individual experiences can be and how our expectations around one day can either make it or break it.

When you hear all the media messages Mother’s Day is all about relaxation, pampering, spoiling, honoring, gifts, flowers and a huge amount of love.

Was this your experience?

Many years ago I acknowledged that my main wish for Mother’s Day was to simply be with my children and in that, I have great contentment.

When I created other expectations all I did was set myself up for disappointment and my self-talk played a huge part in that process.

Mother’s Day means so many different things to so many different people, from new Mother’s to old, near and far, to those who have passed away and those who are distant for other reasons. From natural Mothers to adopted Mother’s and those friends who are as dear to us as Mother’s. We have Mother’s who do it tough and those who it seems to be a walk in the park, and we have Mother’s who are no longer with us who we wish we could hold just one more time.

Being a Mother is the most rewarding and soul building experience that you can ever encounter that you will never grow out of. It has the power to make you so filled with joy you could float on clouds and at other times bring you to the depths of despair as we question and doubt ourselves constantly over the lives of our precious ones.

My Mother’s Day was supposed to look like this:

Join my daughter for church, head to the beach for some fresh air and sunshine whilst letting the grandchildren run off some energy and we have some mother/daughter time. Head home to catch up with my boys and do “something” before sharing dinner with everyone.

This is what my Mother’s Day turned out like:

I missed church as my daughter was having a hard mummy morning with rambunctious children, helped my baby finalize the details on purchasing his first car which took all morning. Head to the shops to buy supplies for dinner, arrive home early afternoon to have breakfast and pick up the pieces of my daughter’s Mother’s Day whilst enjoying some sunshine and fresh air on my veranda. After preparing for dinner I shared a beautiful meal with ‘everyone’ which included 5 children, 2 daughters-in-law, and 4 grandchildren. My table was full and my heart was blessed to overflowing.

The key to blessing over disappointment rests in mindset!

If I had judged my blessing on being spoilt by things, the degree to which I ‘relaxed’, or any other worldly measure, I would have been left feeling disappointed. Yet when I step back and see my day was actually filled with what it means to me to be a Mother; helping my children grow up in this world and take on new responsibilities, being there to support, encourage, and share the load when things are tough, prepare a meal with love and care, and be able to watch my grandchildren crawl after each other around our feet whilst laughing and smiling. Then my Mother’s Day could not have been any more perfect and for that, I am truly grateful.

If your Mother’s Day was less than you had hoped please know that it is not a reflection of how dearly treasured, needed, and vitally important you are to those around you. May you feel supported, encouraged, and truly loved by the collective spirit of all Mother’s today and always.


Elke @ Abundant Wholeness

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