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Motivation when it counts!

Have you ever had one of those days when you finally have time to crush some of your goals but your head keeps getting distracted and your motivation has gone AWOL?


YEP… That’s me today!

I finally have worked a day into my schedule to focus on study and crush some goals and my head is away with the fairies, aaarrggghh.

Probably a product of being so busy that now I have a little breathing room to catch up my body is saying, “phew, time to rest and regroup!”

OR, since I am at home I am looking around and my head is going; “wow that needs sorting… I could wash that, clean that, cook that, run that errand….”, when what I planned on doing was catching up on assignments and lectures and making every minute count.


What would you do right now?

You had a plan, a goal, and created the space but the motivation has passed you by and everything else but your goal is grabbing your attention!


This is what I am doing…

I’ve lit the fire to create a warm, inviting, space. Besides, it is cold and wet outside which is probably why my body says it’s time to hibernate not get active. 😉 I’ve done a 5-minute meditation to get my headspace clear and a short Tapping session to clear the blocks and spark the motivation, you can check it out here. I’ve got my green juice for some nutrition and water for hydration.

Now comes the hard part… What will I do next….


It is easy to get distracted; “I’ll just do this little thing first, it won’t take long!”, “Oh, I’d better check emails!”, “Need to check my phone for messages!” “I should put the washing on!”….

It’s easy to change my plan and mission for the day but it’s also easy not to!

Even though I don’t feel like it, I will log into my course and pick up where I left off, I will leave the emails, phone messages, household chores and errands to later when I have made some progress on my goals.

Having a VISION is vital but, when it comes to the daily journey towards that vision, honouring a commitment to ourselves and doing the SMALL STEPS along the way whether we feel like it or not is CRUCIAL.


I would love to keep writing, I’m good at finding distractions, BUT I have study to get to…..

What’s your goal for today and have you started it yet?


Love and Blessings

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