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Oceans flow

IMG_0559I sit in awe as I watch the mighty power of the ocean, the waves crashing on the shore, the white foamy bubbles washing up the beach, the pull of the current that churns up the ocean floor – ever changing yet ever the same.

As the wind drives the waves to shore they grow in strength and size and character. And when the wind calms so will the waves, their intensity will be replaced with calm and quiet, rhythmic motion, soothing and tranquil; the same power, the same movements, the same change, yet gentler in progression.

Life is like the ocean, rhythmic and peaceful one day, powerful and intense the next. It can leave us feeling churned up and tossed about, changing and growing us in the midst of uncertainty. Yet in the quiet times we too can grow as the understanding of the challenge deepens and peace brings deeper contentment.

The beauty in the waves, whether intense or calm is their freedom to flow. They do not resist the wind, they move with it. They embrace its force and carry on. And when the stillness comes it returns to its slow and graceful ebb and flow.

Maybe the ocean can teach us about life, about how to embrace the ebb and flow between challenge and calm and not resist the opportunities to learn and grow and change.

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