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Parenting solo!

One of the many challenges of being a single parent is dealing with the “interesting” situations which our children can throw at us. The struggle for independence and the quest for responsibility without the maturity and wisdom to see the consequences which await.

Who do we as parents turn to for solutions, or creative responses and appropriate consequences when things go amiss? It can initially feel very lonely, and I know my first reaction is often where/who on earth do I turn to with this one??

We need one another, we need friends who can offer advice from their own experiences, or if nothing else a sympathetic ear and a sounding board for our own thoughts. Someone who can help us see the bigger picture and help us gain an understanding of the heart issues behind the actions.

Trying to respond with the uniqueness of your child in mind is hard and can still feel extremely daunting depending on the seriousness of the situation. Parenting is all one long slow, or in some instances sharp, learning curve. We haven’t been here before, with this child, at this stage, with all their uniqueness and sensitivities. Sometimes it is just really hard, even more so when going it alone!!

Will I make the right decision, will it be fair and will it teach into the situation so they are wiser in the future? One way or the other this too will pass and we will move forward. I trust that the only truly wrong decision is to not make one and let them cruise onward without any response or consequence. The weight of responsibility in parenting a child solo, the task of guiding them through their childhood years, not just to get them through relatively unscathed but that they may grow and learn their purpose, gifting and value in the world. Prepared and equipped with as much wisdom and maturity as we can teach, it is overwhelming at times.

I am thankful I have faith to turn to, not as a last resort and not because I have no-one else to share with. But because there is no-one else who knows my child better than I do and who can guide my heart in teaching them which road to travel. I am sure I have many “interesting” scenarios ahead of me yet, and of one thing I am certain – they are bound to leave me scratching my head and asking “how do I deal with this one!!??”

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  1. madmothermusings says

    Sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. I could not imagine single parenthood, I don’t think I’d have the strength you possess. I have a friend who is a single parent, and who was talking about the importance of support in her life. Like I said, it sounds like you are doing a wonderful job! Keep it up!

    • Elke says

      I think most of us have an inner strength we don’t appreciate until we have to do things we thought we couldn’t. We are all strong in many ways, juggling family and work let alone relationships. Whether single or not we all need to hear that our “crazy home” is just as “normal” as everyone elses. Happy parenting 🙂

    • Elke says

      Thanks Abby, parenting is many things for all of us; challenging, exhausting on the one hand but funny and rewarding on the other. Seeing these young lives unfold before us is priceless.

  2. Curtis Carmon says

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