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Personal Growth – A Bit Like Childbirth!


Personal growth, it’s a bit like giving birth really!!

The process is unknown; it takes you to your limits and can be very painful. But, the result is a precious new life to love and to nurture.

The journey we take for personal growth is also unknown, we have never lived this life before or experienced these situations/feelings before, we’ve never been this age before and faced all that getting older brings.

The journey of life, like childbirth, is inevitable. We can ignore it, or deny it as much as we like but eventually the life that has been growing and developing unseen is going to need to be born. We can ignore the promptings within us that stir us to dream of greater things; we can stay where it is comfortable and not stretch ourselves too far. We can but at some point we will feel such discontent that something in our lives will give, whether it’s a relationship or a career, or our own physical health and wellbeing, something will give.

Our life isn’t meant to be easy, easy is comfortable, let’s face it easy is dull!!

Our life is an ever-expanding journey where as we grow over time we face many and varied situations that invite us to change, to deepen our character, to bring greater awareness of our passions and purpose.

Nobody likes pain, but like childbirth, when we can view pain as having a purpose we can learn to accept it as a means to an end. With childbirth, the reward is a new life to hold, with challenges the reward is a greater sense of self and a deeper and richer character.

Pain has created great leaders, great craftsmen, great poets and musicians, great men and women who have become amazing influencers to both young and old. The power of a story of one who has overcome is a huge catalyst for many to launch their own journey of greatness.

If you are in the midst of growing pains my advice to you is Don’t Quit!

I don’t know how long it will take for things to ease, but if you just hold on, the struggle you are now facing will be the stepping stones to better things. Whether that is the realization of a long-held dream, or a new career, or a stronger YOU who is more at peace with yourself and the world, it will be worth it.

Consider the Butterfly; the struggle to emerge from the cocoon is necessary, in fact, it is vital to ensure the butterfly can fly. If someone was to take pity on the struggle and help the butterfly escape its cocoon the result would be freedom from the cocoon but the butterfly would be unable to fly because its wings would not have been strengthened through the process.

Don’t be scared or disheartened by the struggles, they will enable you to spread your wings and to fly, not just fly but soar!!


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