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Coming Home to YOU

Precious Child

Most treasured gift from heaven

If only we could see

The worth His hands has sown in you

More careful we would be


Formed in quiet seclusion

Intricately designed

Each feature uniquely crafted

By Our Fathers loving Hand


Fragrance sweet as springtime

Skin so soft and warm

Sounds from heavens angels

Your tiny lips adorn


We know not what the future holds

Each day a mystery

This new and fragile life we behold

Overwhelming responsibility


Most are born into love

Some born into shame

Many born into poverty

Heartache their unmerited gain


God chose a child long ago

To save our world from pain

Such innocence and grace abound

The hope of nations still remain


Today a child brings great hope

Joy and promise yet unseen

Of brighter days and tender ways

A treasure we must glean


The blessing of a tender smile

An all embracing hug

A word of praise for a job well done

A place where they belong


Belief in their potential

To forge their own trails

Encouragement to see them through

When gusty winds prevail


If only we could see a child

Through Our Fathers tender eyes

Then gentler we would be with them

To guide their precious lives

(25 August 2010)

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