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Recovery Is A Journey!


Recovery is not, or should I say rarely, a done and dusted, struggle over, never to return event.

Recovery instead is a journey, a path of ups and downs, sometimes U-Turns and sometimes express lane progress. The key is to embrace where you are but not to set up camp there. If you hit a pot-hole, move on. If you make a wrong turn, know that you will be back on track soon. If you are hitting win after win, celebrate them.

So often in life, and even recovery, we are drawn to the next step and as a result, we miss all that we can learn from the one we are on.

It’s only natural when we are struggling to want to rush through the pain and move on, yet there are lessons for us in the struggle.

In the rush of life, or with our goal ahead, we push past the wins because we still have far to go. We rob ourselves of the victory along the way because it’s not “The Victory”.

If we can separate the emotional attachment and mental chatter from what is and learn to see it “just as it is” we are able to see things more clearly and not be burdened by them. “This Just Is” enables us to work through the challenges and celebrate the wins without losing them in judgment, guilt, shame, or how far we still have to go.

Recovery is a journey best shared with others, “two are better than one, if either falls the other one can help them up, and a three-corded strand is not easily broken”.

Recovery is also a journey not intended for us alone. The lessons we learn are to be shared, they are a guiding light and encouragement to others as they walk their own paths.

I look back on the many “potholes” of my life and wonder why I still struggle at times. Why do the voices of fear and doubt, of guilt and shame threaten to overwhelm me when at other times they are conquered “never to return”?

Maybe it is to keep me humble, or maybe it is to keep me accountable.

I know how easy it is to become neglectful of soul care, to let little thoughts back in and let them take root, to stay up late and not eat well, it is easy to push aside the things that gave us freedom when we are walking free.

But that is the key.

We can’t eat healthily, exercise, get good sleep and meditate once and think we are looking after ourselves. Just like we can’t service our car and fill it with fuel once and think it’s good to go for years. So why should we, once we’ve experienced a breakthrough, think it’s over and we can leave the very things that brought that breakthrough behind?

Staying accountable to the small things that brought us victory is just as important today as they were then. It is staying consistent with the little things that over time will have us walking in victory more and more.

The foundation of WRC is vital to anyone and everyone, we all need to know there are others who have our backs and can lift us up when we fall. It is not weakness to be vulnerable and it is not weakness to need others, we were not born to be islands, we were born into “family” and however that looks WRC is family!

The Women’s Recovery Community is for all forms of recovery. If you are suffering from any trauma, addiction, disorders, mental illness, depression, anxiety, physical ailment, grief, disability and so on… then this is a community you can rely on. Our mission, to support our members and hold events that promote fun, safe and facilitated recovery, healing and fellowship for women. If you or anyone you know could benefit from support, networking, learning, growth, inspiration, recovery events and a lot of laughs. Join, recommend, and share.



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