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What troubles me most in this day is the importance, or rather the lack of importance, in relationship. Jesus not only preached in the temple but the essence of his ministry was in the streets, healing the sick and showing love and compassion to those in need. He didn’t use “theological” teaching with the people; he spoke in ways they could understand, reaching into their lives where they were at the time. He gave them food when they were hungry and healed their bodies when they were broken. He healed their hearts and restored their lives.

He walked the streets, eating with and talking with the people. This is true relationship. Valuing the person; slow to judge and quick to meet their needs. This is true love, a selfless whole hearted giving of self for the good of another.

Jesus did not worry, he was not concerned with what clothes he had to wear or what food he would eat, he was not even concerned with where he would lay his head. He lived to show his Fathers love and to reach the hearts of the people.

We too are called to value relationship, to encourage one another and inspire one another to be all they were created to be. To serve one another in Christs love and be reflections of the love he has poured out onto us.

Nothing hurts me more than to see people, including my children, hurt each other ‘relationally’, to tease or ridicule one another for a weakness or even to simply put one another down. To disregard one another’s worth, to not see the miracle of life that is within them and around them. To withhold love and acceptance from one another, to miss the opportunity to treasure each day least there not be another.

I believe that when we finally go home to be with Our Father that how well we encouraged one another, supported one another, listened to one another and comforted one another will far outweigh whether we found our purpose or was declared a success by worldly standards.

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