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Season of growth

The past 8 years has been a great season of growth for me both personally and spiritually.

In pondering our growth in faith I thought it can be a lot like the growth and nurture of a child. From baby steps, love, nurture, discipline, challenges and maybe even rebellion, to maturity. Our faith also grows with baby steps, challenges and discipline all covered by God’s love.

Children grow physically, emotionally, intellectually; we guide, nurture and correct them along the way. Sometimes we wish we could freeze them in time (or maybe that’s just me!), others we wish we could just pass by (skip the terrible two’s or teenage years), but we must let them experience all of life. We cheer them on and catch them when they fall. Just as God is our “parent” guiding, nurturing, catching us when we fall and setting us back on solid ground.

Growth is not easy, but to stay as we are is not good either. We can’t freeze our children in moments in time; that denies them the experience of their whole life. To not grow in our relationship with God denies us the life He has destined for us.

There is often resistance to growth, sometimes it’s awkward: children often stumble when learning to walk, co-ordination is challenging and voice changes can be embarrassing. Correction isn’t easy to take sometimes and taking responsibility isn’t all that great either. Learning new skills takes time and friendships can be hard at the best of times and cruel at the worst.

In our faith journey, life can be “comfortable” and to take a step in faith is risky, we might be required to do more than we are willing to give.

However by pushing through the resistance there is the opportunity for fruit to be produced.

Children mature into young adults, step out into the world and make their mark on society. They master new skills and become independent, they discover more of their unique gifts and talents and journey closer to who God has destined them to be.

Spiritually we grow closer to God and are slowly transformed into His likeness, fulfil our destiny and show others a reflection of who God is on the way, fulfilling our greater purpose in reaching the world for God.

 Eph 1:11 “It’s in Christ that we find out who we are and what we are living for.”


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