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Soul Hunger



Have you ever felt the hunger of your soul?

The deep yearning from within for more?

More connection… more stillness… more peace?

I feel this now. To be honest, I’ve felt this for months!

I’ve been striving to satisfy the longing of my soul and now I’ve come to realise I’ve got it all wrong. Striving is the complete opposite to where our soul guides us. Our soul calls us to ‘Let Go’ in order to receive greater intimacy and peace.

Being a wife and mother and working full-time is more than enough for anyone to manage at any one time, yet I believe I am called to more. With calling comes passion, purpose, vision and it requires courage. Courage to take on more knowing that you really have nothing else to give. Courage to pursue your dreams and visions even when you don’t know how it will all work out.

Many of you will know I started my own ‘Wellness’ business late last year, this was at a time which is typically flat-out stressful in itself, but start I did. I have strived ever since to answer the call of my soul, to find balance. But I don’t think ‘balance’ is what I truly need. The longer I agonise over this hunger within me the more I am coming to understand it is about intimacy and mindfulness, living connected to my spiritual source where all strength and wisdom, compassion and purpose rest. This is much more than balance.

My soul is hungry!

To be honest, I have known all along what my soul is hungry for. I’ve felt it tugging at my heart yet I’ve been trying to manage my time to fit it in to my schedule together with all my to-do’s. I’ve been pushing and striving to work harder, to ‘work it all out’.

My soul’s hunger is God, a deeper intimacy which brings release, refreshing and peace. In these moments, I find vision and creativity and, my heart is free to connect with those I love, those I work with and those I am called to serve.

I am coming to realize that it is in letting go, not striving to formulate the perfect time management schedule, that will fill my soul’s hunger. In the natural, there are too many things to fill my time and the more I tweak my schedule and time manage my days the further away I seem to be to the answer.


Don’t get me wrong, we need to manage our time well and limit distraction and time wasting habits, we need a workable schedule if we want to reach our goals and be productive with the time we have. But ticking all the boxes on our daily planner may not necessarily feed our soul unless we are living from a place of peace, mindfulness, and deep purpose. Ticking all the boxes can still leave a void in our soul.

Peace and renewing only come from letting go and allowing God to be God in and through our lives. It is like when they give the pre-flight safety information before take-off, “In the case of an emergency place your own mask first before assisting others”. Choosing to answer the call of our soul refreshes and renews our strength, both physical and mental, emotional and relational, to empower us to meet the needs of those around us. To pursue our goals and live our dreams.

To serve others from a peaceful heart knowing our soul is both loved and nurtured opens our lives to genuine connection with those around us as we no longer look to them to meet our inner needs. We are freer to give, to serve, to love and to encourage. That is where I want to be, that is where my passion and purpose lie.

Laying down my need to work harder at time management and learning to let go more and more will be a journey of its own. I have been a ‘doer’ all my life. I will work my way into exhaustion both mentally and physically in a heartbeat, but, I know there is a much better way.

My souls’ hunger is the reflection of my spiritual need for greater connection with God. Our spirits need nurture just as our physical body needs food and rest. Learning to hear the cry of our soul and then heading its call is an important life lesson.

My vision is to work alongside others to help them come to a place of living a healthy, vibrant, and full life, mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. What better place to start than with myself!

I pray the more I come to learn the more I can help support others and lead them on a journey I myself have already traveled. We do not live in isolation. The greater our own light shines the easier we make it for others to see their own.


Love and Blessings


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