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Coming Home to YOU

The Answer is You!

For so long I’ve waited for someone to stand up for me, my knight in shining armor to appear and defeat my every foe. Someone who’ll take the burden and share its weight. Someone to give me the opportunity and the freedom to be me.

Today a light has shone and the revelation of who that person is or needs to be has arisen; it’s me. I need to stop waiting for someone else to give me a break or show me respect, or even listen to what I have to say; it needs to be me.

I need to stop waiting for someone to rescue me because I’ve already been rescued, my Lord and Savior has already claimed me as His own and given me all I need to live in abundance and joy.

I need to stand up for me, I need to show myself respect and acceptance, to give myself a break and feed my own soul. I need to respect myself, I need to give myself the permission to be bold and speak up. I need to say what I need and I need to get the rest I need. I need to stop giving myself away to the point of exhaustion and stop taking on everyone’s responsibilities which as a mum is often our nature.

No-one else can do it, only Christ can rescue me, only He knows my deepest need, only He will never hurt or disappoint me. Standing up for ourselves is hard but we can’t expect others to give us what we aren’t prepared to give ourselves. Giving ourselves permission to speak up and have our needs met takes courage but the confidence that then flows means we are more able to give honestly of ourselves to others.

It is time to come out of the shadows, to be bold, to speak my truth and be all I can be.

Does this revelation make this struggle any easier? No, but it does give it a direction to follow and that in itself is a start.

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