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The Art of ‘Letting go’!

Why is letting-go so hard?

What is it about the thread of ‘control’ that weaves so purposefully throughout life. The delicate balance of intention and ‘drive’ which we need to achieve in life. Not a worldly achievement but the sense of succeeding each day in the tasks of that day.

Is this all the human failing of wanting to direct our own paths instead of acknowledging a more worthy guide?
This thread is tied to the nurture of self vs the service to others.

It seems a delicate balance between caring for ourselves so out of the abundance of our hearts we can freely give, and putting the needs of everyone and everything else ahead to our detriment.

The balance tips when we try to manage everyone and thing so we stay in control of us, squashing our real need in a mask of deception, our real self, dying a little more each day.

The weight of responsibility (letting go of the things I’m not responsible for). Ultimately letting go is letting God, His burden is easy and His yoke is light. Letting go is taking me, my understanding, out of the picture for God already knows, He is already there.

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