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The Desert of Disbelief (part 1)

I read through the book of Exodus and lamet over the fate of the Israelites.

They experienced first hand the might and wonder of God’s deliverance but still they doubted and quickly they forget all He has done for them, frequently demanding God’s provision and failing to accept that He was with them and deliverance was already theirs.

My heart aches for the promised land that was theirs for the taking and yet they missed it, forced into wandering the desert for 40 years because of their stubborn choices over faith in God.

Then I look at my own life and wonder how many “promised lands” have I missed because I haven’t stepped out in faith and believed. How many times do I become despondent between God’s blessings; quickly forgetting what has been and seeking more revelation. If only I would stop and really spend some time in silence and stillness I would know He is with me still and His hand of provision and protection is ever present.

Satan’s glee is in our forgetfulness, quickly crowding our lives with distractions and our own human condition, whatever that might be at the time, in order to cloud out the mighty works of our saving God.

The Israelites had physical, tangible examples of God being with them; pillars of cloud, fire, parting seas, provision of food and water, victory over their enemies and on and on it goes, yet they still doubted God’s faithfulness.

Our examples may not be as physically evident yet we have the victory in Jesus, we have the Word of God to reveal our history in Him. When we find ourselves questioning and doubting we need only say “God is with us”, for His Word declares it and His faithfulness will come through.


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