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The Joy of Being a Nanna!

Today we celebrated the 1st birthday of my first grandchild, and what overwhelming joy and blessing this little man has brought into my heart and home.

Seeing this little one grow and his story unfold has brought laughter and love. His smiles light the world with a brightness that only a child can bring. His laughter is the sound of angels. His life is an open book and the chapters have only just begun, yet already he has touched our hearts and changed our lives.

This precious boy has brought back all the joys of my own children and the wonder of new life. I love being a mum, the blessing of a new life to love and nurture and teach about the world. Witnessing first-hand the joys of their discoveries and achievements, and now as they become adults, watching them forge their own paths, embracing new opportunities and persevering through hardships.

Now as a ‘nanna’ I am blessed to witness all these miracles once again, in a new generation. I am able to once again witness the wonders of our world through the eyes of a child. I thank God for the precious gift of this little man and for the joy and healing he has worked in my life through him. I am richly blessed to be able to nurture my daughter as she begins her own journey of motherhood, to travel by her side as she navigates the many joys and challenges that lie ahead. I pray that God will grant me the wisdom for the task.

Happy Birthday little man…


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