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The misunderstood weight of faith!

Jesus tells us “His burden is light and His yoke is easy”.

When the pursuit of our faith becomes a burden of responsibilities and obligations we have lost the reason for faith.

Faith in God is not a to-do list to gain approval or to strive to get closer to him. Religion turns faith into a burden God never intended it to be.

When we feel we have to pray, have to go to church, have to attend bible study, have to do our own devotion time, have to serve others and many other “have to’s” we lose the focus and joy of our faith. In all the responsibilities of life faith was never meant to be another burden.

When we fall in love we desire nothing but time and companionship, conversation and intimacy, with our love. It is not a burden, it is something we think of often, plan for and look forward to with all we are.

This is how God feels about us and what he desires of us. Not processes and structure but free, open, heart led devotion which is easy, light and fulfilling, bringing peace and joy.

Letting go includes letting go of our faith when it has turned into a weight and reclaiming the freeing blessing faith is meant to be.

When we put God in a box of how to’s we miss the most intimate and precious, life giving relationship we can ever have.

Never forget what it was like when you fell in love with God the first time, with God every day is the first day.

Prayer is vital as our means of ongoing two-way communication with our God, and reading and studying His word brings a deeper understanding of His character, His love and His will for us. But all these things come from a heart that earnestly desires intimacy with our Father God and an acceptance of His love for us. It is free, easy, not without challenge, but fulfilling and fills us to overflowing with peace and ultimately joy.

“For He came to give us life in abundance, to the full and overflowing”
He doesn’t bind our heart, he frees it. He doesn’t confuse our mind he makes it sound. He doesn’t weigh us down he takes all our burdens and lightens our load.

It’s not in the “doing” that we draw closer to God and develop trust.
We must put our trust into practice; it must be the thread that weaves through every fiber of our being. So that every event, every sorrow, every prayer is viewed with the unshakeable conviction that God is totally in control and faithful.

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