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The Power of a Song

Music has a way of touching our hearts that words alone can’t seem to manage, at least they do for me.

I often turn to music to help set, left or express a particular mood or emotion. Whether it be a touch of Michael Buble at the end of a busy week or some up-tempo pop song to bring energy and fun into the house; music can transform our thoughts and our emotions.

Tonight it was a simple line or two in a worship song that managed to break through the thoughts and bring both release and peace where I had been struggling all day. The words were nothing new but, somehow combined wih the right melody, they were able to speak straight to my heart in a way I needed to hear.

Many of us have a favourite song or two that we turn to at certain times and I am sure that many of us have shared my experience of a special song that has helped us express what we have been unable too on our own or with mere words.

It would be great if you would leave comments on your special helpful songs, maybe your favourite will help encourage someone else today. (Casting Crowns – Always Enough) (Mark Shultz – What it means to be loved)

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  1. icarrion2007 says

    There’s a song that’s so powerful for me that I only have to hear a few notes of it and it lifts me every time. Cool change by The Little River Band

    I feel every note of the song like a piece of me vibrates with it and the whole water theme runs through me and flows across me as I listen…. I dont know if anyone else has a song that cuts them that deep… but its always been like it since the first time I heard it as a child. When it finishes I even feel as if I’ve said my piece… Music is indeed wonderful and humans have the ability to be truly beautiful when they want to.

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