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Coming Home to YOU

The Search for Answers

If we keep searching for answers outside ourselves, we are like mice on a treadmill trying everything but getting nowhere. We end up exhausted and confused and feeling hopeless.

When we walk with God we have His nature, His wisdom and His truth inside of us, we need to stop all the searching, be still and listen. He will reveal the answers and restore our hope and renew our strength.

So many self-help guides offer answers to our searching, to our longing for peace and contentment with ourselves. They all sound great and offer hope that, “maybe this is what I need”, “maybe this will fix what’s wrong with me.”

They all offer great advice and many can help unravel some of the confusion and help bring some measure of understanding. Yet at best, they only touch a part of you.

In any given moment, close your eyes, take a deep breath and move beyond the chatter in your head and listen to your heart. So many of our struggles are because we resist what is instead of moving with it and through it. Our ability to accept what is, whether pleasant or horrible, allows us to be open to greater understanding of how to move on. Our striving and resisting makes us look outside ourselves for answers instead of inside.

We don’t have the answers in and of ourselves, and yes it is good to look for greater understanding through others or resources. But ultimately our answers come from that part of us that only God can fill. He will reveal the truth, lead us in understanding, heal what has been broken and shine light on the path ahead and while He is doing all these things He will bring peace and hope.

When we rely on ourselves to find the answers we struggle through darkness, dragged down by the weight of all we are seeking to understand. When we trust God to lead us, He takes the burden and shines His light just far enough for our next step.

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