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This morning I read Matthew 7:28-29 “They had never heard teaching like this. It was apparent that he was living everything he was saying – quite a contrast to their religion teachers”

Jesus preached with the authority of his Father and with compassion, relevance and over-all love for the people. His teaching breathed life and truth into people’s hearts and minds. They were able to perceive its revelation as it didn’t carry the weight of the “law”.

Jesus preached as he lived; with power, authority, compassion, love, empathy, hope and so much more. However the weight of his teaching was reflected in his own actions.

It is so important today that our teaching comes out of our lives lived in relationship with Jesus. That we don’t proclaim ‘religion’ and impose law or works instead of love, acceptance and freedom through relationship with our creator God.

The ‘weight’ of our teaching would be so much greater, not in a burdensome way, but in a freeing, life impacting, life changing way, when our words are reflected and modelled in our day to day lives.

I thank God that His word, His teaching, brings life and not rules, that it builds faith not mere religion.

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